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Promoting the Popularity of Tiki: (In this new age of social distancing)

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Note: My apologies to all those who have worked so hard to promote Tiki over the years. This is not a complaint, it is an acknowledgement that these are unusual times.

Due to Covid-19, millions all around the world are out of work, have spare time on their hands, and are possibly looking for new ideas, hobbies or even new occupations. Businesses and organizations are being forced to meet and organize online, and ask their employees to work from home. Everywhere, we see online collaboration software companies ramping up their efforts to use this opportunity to increase their market share. Maybe the Tiki Community should do the same?

I'm relatively new to the Tiki Community. I have much to learn, but I see the value and potential of Tiki, and I'm willing to work with others to see an increase in the width and breadth of Tiki usage.


  • Are there others out there willing to collaborate on Tiki Promotions?
    • E.g.: Example sites, Improved Profiles, Boxed systems, User tracking?
  • Is this the most appropriate Forum to discuss ideas & efforts?
    • Should we create a "Tiki Promotions" forum?
  • If a list of prioritized promotional ideas & projects where collected, would there be volunteers willing to collaborate on them?
  • Is it too late?

I'm willing to act as "secretary", listing and documenting ideas in the Community Pages, if that will help.


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Dear William,

as a longtime user of Tiki Wiki since version 2.something, I have always been very fond of the power of Tiki Wiki and it's seemingly endless flexibility and recommended it to numerous other people.

It is with deepest regret that at the moment, where I set up a new, second Wiki with LTS 18.5 to "test-drive" the migration of my main Wiki, which is still on LTS 12, that I have to conclude that at least LTS 18 is "full of bugs". At present I do not recommend it to anyone until at least the bugs that lead to loss of data have been fixed.

I know two such bugs, one is that parts of the personal settings of users vanish into thin air and the other is that payments (!!) with fractions are completely ignored and cannot be stored.

With bugs like these I can hardly recommend Tiki Wiki at he moment. I know about the vast amounts of mostly volunteer work that went into making and maintaining Tiki Wiki and in no way I want to offend anyone of those volunteers or belittle their commendable work. I apologize to these people.

I know that these issues will become fixed, but until that is done I won't recommend version 18. I could recommend 12! Version 12 was so much different, never did I have so many problems with that, but I have to give up 12, as my ISP charges me for keeping up old PHP 5.6 "just for me". If your ISP will give you only current PHP, you are forced to LTS 18 (I would not recommend anything else than a LTS!).


P.S.: Please do not minimize your efforts because of my feelings I have expressed here, but I think a "caveat" like that was necessary, and again, I apologize to all the many volunteers who might think my remarks might offend them, which is definitely not what I wanted to achieve. Maybe other LTS work better than 18, but I don't have experience with anything after 18.

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William Bliss wrote:
I'm willing to act as "secretary", listing and documenting ideas in the Community Pages, if that will help.

Hi William

That sounds great! All we're missing is volunteers and people with a positive attitude, i'm sure you'll find many people will join in and help once someone starts an initiative like this!

We have various Teams here, that's probably a good place to start gathering people together... i keep getting reminded by LinkedIn, for instance, that we should do a post as we haven't done anything there for years, so there are many places where we can easily improve things a lot!

Thanks for your interest, please keep at this and ignore the negativity and lack of response you may find from us old-timers, i guess it's a sort of Catch 22 thing!

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P.S. I'll add a topic to discuss this at our Roundtable Meeting 2020 05, why not come along? (add your votes or new suggestions for when it should happen!)
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Jonny Bradley wrote:
I'll add a topic to discuss this at our Roundtable Meeting 2020 05, why not come along?

Hi William

We're in the meeting here now live - are you around?

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Hi again,

I guess something else came up - we did discuss profiles quite a bit today so you should be able to see that in the recording here when it gets uploaded (about 45 minutes into the first part of the recording). Generally all positive, so thanks for bringing it up!

Bernard kindly added some notes and a couple of convene plugins here to get us started on doing a TikiFestVirtual2020 so maybe see you there for one of them?

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