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Features / Usability

Tracker record generation outside Tiki

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Hi Aristo

The services are all there so can be used now, what we need to do is document that (slightly started here API Tracker so others can start to use it.
After that we have been planning for a long time to add a REST adapter to them to turn that into a "proper" API, so a url like:
would become something like:
GET: tiki/tracker/update_item/2/178/fields~childrenIdNumber=17

aristo compasso wrote:
[...] which is a very nice and competent package, but it felt like H&M and what we really need is a tailor, i.e. Tiki. cool

That's brilliant, can we use that? In fact, can you do some marketing for us! lolmrgreen (if you're around how about coming along to the Roundtable Meeting 2020 09 later if you can?)