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Tracker record generation outside Tiki

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Jonny Bradley wrote:
That's brilliant, can we use that? In fact, can you do some marketing for us! lolmrgreen (if you're around how about coming along to the Roundtable Meeting 2020 09 later if you can?)

Sure you can, hehe. "Tiki. Tailoring the web since 2002" razz

It's true that awareness regarding Tiki is lower than more or less comparable alternatives. It seems Tiki appeals more to a specific and knowledgeable crowd.
The first time I heard about it, version 7 or 8 was being used for the company's intranet. Although I'm not a web developer (I have created a number of websites, but mostly I program other stuff), Tiki became an immediate option for web/database development.

I'll be paying attention to the schedule of those meetings, when I can I'll participate, thanks.

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