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Architecture / Installation

System Error During New User Registration

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Hi all,

My project was coming along rather swimmingly, but all of a sudden, the system won't allow new members to register. Furthermore, if I log in as an admin and attempt to add a user, I get the following error:

Screen Shot 2021 06 08 At 11.56.49 AM

I've tried reinstalling the wiki (just by electing to upgrade it rather that completely reinstalling it) and this doesn't seem to help. Will I need to access my database to try to fix it? Will upgrading to Tiki 22 help (I currently use 21)?


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Hi Sam,

This is something in your database.
Reinstalling files won’t help, unless this is a bug but as you wrote, it was working.

My best guess is that you’ve entered in a field something unexpected (the regexp value ?) and it causing the error. You should try to edit the database (phpmyadmin or any other software) delete the value and check again.