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How do you enable and use the Github-Flavored Markdown in Tiki 21 {MARKDOWN()} plugin

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How do you enable and use the Github-Flavored Markdown in the Tiki 21.4 {MARKDOWN()} plugin? The League\CommonMark webpage indicates that the Gitub-Flavored Markdown extension is part of the {MARKDOWN()} plugin.

If I edit the wikiplugin_markdown.php file as instructed in the https://commonmark.thephpleague.com/2.0/extensions/github-flavored-markdown/" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">League\CommonMark Github-Flavored Marked extension page, will this active the GFM extensions? Will this break Tiki 21.4? Are there better or more current instructions/documentation on this?

I used a terminal session to install the league/commonmark package (version 1.6.6) and mathjax/mathjax (version 2.7.9) but don't see how to enable and use the Github-Flavored Markdown features. The Tiki 21.4 admin web packages manager does not seem to work. The packages page just returns a blank pages after a long wait. The base {MARKDOWN()} plugin works great but GFM has many features I learned to use.

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