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Features / Usability

Group transition or, how to have a user requesting a group assignment

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On a Tiki21 I have a case where a visitor should be able to register and send a request to be accepted in a specific group.

  1. Anonymous register to the Tiki (tracker users), Group = Registered
  2. Fill a request with additional informations (tracker users additional field) to be assigned to a group, waiting admin approval
    Would it be possible to do it all in one action or do we need the 2 steps (registration then assignment) ?
  3. The user gets an email the request is pending
  4. The admin review the request
    1. Disapprove; an email is sent (sorry your request is not approved)
    2. Approve; user is assigned to the group and an email is send (your request is approved)

I see we have group transition feature and may be other functions but I can't find a lot of documentation.
Anyone has some knowledge about this ?