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Using and handling images and their metadata

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I am using Tiki 21 LTS and want to use images in my wiki as follows:

  1. Each image should have following information attached (metadata) and visible to the viewer/anonymous user
    1. Uploader
    2. Owner/Creator of the image in a legal sense
    3. License information of the image in a legal sense
    4. Image description to display besides/below the image thumb/preview
    5. Image history in the sense of who originally uploaded it, who re-uploaded when and who changed metadata and when - just like on a wiki page
  2. A thumb with a description should be shown on the wiki page (like on wikipedia)
  3. If a user clicks on the thumb, the image should be shown in full screen/full resolution and the image metadata and edit options (according to permissions) should be accessible, like on wikipedia

I fiddled around a little bit with pluginIMG. It seems to be OK for the previe thumb on the wiki page (satisfies 2.), but I can't access image metadata nor edit options when I click on it as an admin with all permissions (only partly satisfies 3.).

In the file gallery, where the image is stored, there is a field for the source of the image. It is empty and I (as an admin) cannot edit this field. I can only Edit the Description field, not even the Comment field. I can edit creator field (viable for 1.2.). 1.1. is satisfied. 1.3. and 1.4. should be stored separately, but I can only edit one field, which is description. 1.5. seems not to be satisfied - or is there a history anywhere?

Ho can I implement all my wishes using Tiki? Do I have to create a wiki page for each image containing all the legal information and lin the thumbnail to it? This would also yield a history but only for the metadata on the page, not the metadata of the image itself (uploader etc.). What is possible, what is not?

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FootlooseTraveller wrote:
1. I don't want to use "image/*" as I might want to allow "application/pdf" as well.

OK, but then be aware that your users are going to need to use the {file} plugin — not img.

FootlooseTraveller wrote:
I did not find a setting in the options of the file gallery regarding file types other than "Podcast (Audio)" and "Podcast (Video)", so this does not help.

You can use the Uploaded filenames must match regex setting to limit the upload to a specific extension. Not exactly what you're looking for, but should do the trick.


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Thanks Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties for the info.

If I understand it right, the regexp limitation of filenames can only be done globally and not on a per-gallery basis? For now, I will use it globally, but I would rather only limit the gallery used with the tracker.

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