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Way to create an iframe with wikisyntax?

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Hello all,

I've just gotten my feet wet recently with Tiki (1.8.2), and loving it so far. I created a Linux Users Group recently, and we're using Tiki for our web site (http://www.LinuxLUGnuts.org — ooh, aah). The only thing I don't know if I can do (and it doesn't look like it after a couple googles and on-site searches) is create an iframe with WikiSyntax. Why would I want to? To build Amazon.com affiliate links, which are iframes, directly into the wiki site. I really don't want to use HTML pages, because we're using a wiki to get AWAY from HTML. Is there any way to do this with the current package, or is there a plugin I can get?

I'm fairly proficient with PHP, so if there's no current support, I'd be happy to create it (plugin, patch, whatever), but then I'd ask for a pointer in the right general direction of where to put the code. I have NOT yet dug deeply into the code, partly because there's just so much of it, but I'm happy to do that if needed.



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You cant use iframes in wiki syntax

Also please upgrade to 1.8.4 its more secure, especially if your already promiting tiki into the Linux hackers arena :-)


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I guess you mean you can't use wiki syntax to make an iframe? This seems like a good candidate for a plug-in.

-- Gary

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Damian and Gary,

Thanks for you replies.

I'll look into the plug-in route. Any advice from the more experienced tiki'ers about how to proceed with building a plug-in?



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What I need is for the cont to appear in the wiki and not send people away from the community when they click on a external rss feed, a directory link, or a featured link. I select the option inline frame, expecting it to do what I want, but instead, the current page disappears and the visitor is taken somewhere else with the community page gone. Why is this happening? What is the purpose inline frame, if not what I expect?

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