Priorities for TSCA funds


Bare bones

  1. Domain names
  2. Yearly Association fees & dues (the official incorporation paperwork)
  3. Trademark renewal (once per 10-years)
  4. Servers (this could likely be sponsored but it's not a high expense at the moment)
  5. Legal fees


  1. Promotional merchandise to distribute at community events.
  2. Organizational expenses for TikiFests (rent space, etc.)
  3. Travel expenses for TikiFests
    • Some people come from very far and/or live in a country where the currency is weak and travel costs are prohibitive.

Other notes

  • It is not expected to use funding for feature development because this is something that should come from the community, in an organic way. (do-ocracy)
    • But there could eventually be development funding for things that are hard to fund organically (ex.: revamps, UI improvements, new themes, etc.) with a focus on things which bring more funding
  • We must be vary wary of engaging the association in recurring costs


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