Upgrade instructions

This is badly missing. Those on ReleaseNotes181 should help.

Bugs known to have been introduced in this version

Resolved bugs and misbehaviors since 1.8.1

  • categories display with IE Damian
  • width of all admin screens by adding a missing class to CSS Damian
  • query in integrator lib had extra parameter Damian
  • replaced obsolete module-title.tpl with module.tpl in simple style (when modcontrols set on) luci
  • fixed article_image that was failing to display mose
  • fixed hotwords parsing so it avoids hotwording in description that are used as url labels in wiki pages mose

New Features and changes

  • PHPLayers is included again
  • Blended the tree class into all themes Damian
  • Improved spacing on tiki-removepage.tpl Damian
  • added an option in wiki admin panel to make use of dashes and underscores optional in WikiWords mose
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