Released on August 20, 2003

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Warning !

The following notes are kept for archive only, and should not be modified (unless there is something missing from the changelog). Release process for 1.7.2 bugfix is now starting on ReleaseProcess172

1.7.1 bugfix release process

The branch release_eta_carinea_rc1 (so badly named redface) is now the CVS branch for 1.7.x. Note that the 1.7.x branch is strictly for bugfixes. All new features and changes must be committed to CVS HEAD and not the release_eta_carinea_rc1 branch. Fixes committed to the 1.7.x branch will be merged into HEAD.

When fixing bugs, fix the bug on release_eta_carinea_rc1 then merge with HEAD. Follow the instructions at the bottom of TikiCVSTags to merge.

Developers, please update this page whenever you resolve a bug in this branch. If you need help with CVS, read Cvs17.

If you are not a developer but would like to help test the latest 1.7.1 code, download the following archive, updated every 8 hours from CVS:

1.7.1 is tentatively schedule for Wednesday of this week.

Unresolved bugs or misbehavior

(italicized items probably will not be addressed in 1.7.1; that doesn't mean you cannot tackle them though)

  • one sometimes (rarely) sees modules and module links that belong to another user viewing the site at the same moment
  • changes to modules and admin settings sometimes require a page reload to appear
  • left/center column sometimes takes up width of the screen: it occurs randomly
  • the quiz feature may exhibit strange behaviour
  • the poll feature does not record votes; a patch will be released asap cannot reproduce
  • the chatroom sometimes causes browser to continue to refresh even after leaving
  • the site search function may give errors with Chinese or other Asian characters - fixed?
  • the mini calendar may display wrong with non-ascii characters used in translation of months and days
  • the "Go Back" link on error pages sometimes fails in IE (after a POST or GET to same file)
  • various theme problems with different browsers
  • tiki-user cookie logs user into all Tiki sites running under the same domain if user has same username/password
  • installer does not take into account PHP safe_mode <-- can this be done? ini_get() doesn't seem to get the safe_mode value
  • Tiki running in Windows (and specifically IIS?) generate links that have an erroneous "/" before the URL parameter: ex. tiki-browse_image.php/?imageId=2
  • comment hash is title+content, making it impossible to post 2 comments with the same title and content, an uncommon but certainly possible and legitimate situation
  • Please see http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=64258&atid=506846 for more possible bugs

Resolved bugs and misbehavior since 1.7

  • fixed bug where special chars in site search resulted in warning notices (sylvie)
  • fixed smtp error on tiki-webmail.php: bug #759332
  • language : ru (zaufi), nl (sylvie), da (gimpster) and de (ohertel) updated
  • fixed bug with undefined variable and bugged form when creating a calendar (terence)
  • fixed bug where users could not create file galleries even when granted tiki_p_create_file_galleries: bug #785620 (terence)
  • fixed bug where wiki quicklinks and quickhelp don't correspond to the wiki table syntax setting: bug #783152 (terence)
  • fixed 'quote' bug in debugger console command line (zaufi)
  • fixed email-validator in case servers disallow identical FROM and TO addresses which may have prevented some users from registering (terence)
  • the page description in category page will stay the page description (instead of the page data) after updating the page (sylvie)
  • themes list is now sorted (zaufi)
  • fixed bug where browsing to forum threads using the forum modules results in errors on subsequent forum actions (redflo)
  • updated to stable and official HAWHAW V5.1 (nhuffschmid)
  • fixed bug where the lastLogin and currentLogin time stored in Tiki DB are always the same, the currentLogin time (terence)
  • page names will now keeps the original capitalization even if linked to with another kind of capitalization (gimpster)
  • inserted a lot of spaces to help give the site a consistant look (gimpster)
  • fixed bug where hotwords at the beginning of a line don't work; fixed other strange behaviors (terence)
  • allow user to confirm his email and bypass validation in case the mail server does not work with Tiki's validation methods (terence)
  • fixed bug where user information and data was left in a dozen DB tables after the user is deleted (terence)
  • fixed some Galaxia graphing problems due to typo's: /Processes/ should be /processes/ (terence)
  • fixed comments and attachment styles in geo and trollparty themes (mose)
  • fixed display of categories in select : it now displays the full path (mose)
  • fixed bug where SSL login sends user to a bad URL if tikiIndex is more than just a filename on the same Tiki site (terence)
  • fixed bug where games did not load in tiki-list_games.php (terence)
  • fixed a blocking bug occuring with Galaxia and php prior to 4.2 (mose and rohan)
  • fixed bug where auth failed when !$userTikiPresent && $userAuthPresent; should be !$userTikiPresent && !$userAuthPresent (lueders)
  • fixed bug where user cannot be created in Tiki even if authenticated via LDAP (terence, patch)
  • fixed bug with ext link caching when URL contains parameters (terence, patch)
  • fixed challenge/response auth; user now has to input their email; quick hack until tiki auth is overhauled for 1.8: bug #786308 (terence)
  • fixed bug where tiki-user_information.php?view_user=smith shows your personal theme rather than site theme if smith has not set a theme: bug #789772 (terence)
  • fixed PDF remove page bug: bug #774046 (redflo)
  • fixed bug in img gal where thumbnails are not created when extensions are written in captial letters #754434 (redflo)
  • fixed bug where stylesheet is not used for blog_rss (ohertel)
  • forum moderator and reply action toolbars are hidden if there are no replies (terence)
  • performing moderator actions without selecting any replies no longer results in errors (terence)
  • fixed broken filter function in Galaxia/workflow (mazucka)
  • fixed erratic behavior of hotwords (terence)
  • hotwords now take precedence over WikiWord links (terence)
  • Tiki no longer tries to cache URLs containing some common binary file extensions (terence)
  • fixed bug where tiki was not displaying 'random_image' modules (bugs #782756/#787877) (patvdv)
  • fixed bug where wiki edit preview screws up html special chars: bug #788226 (terence)
  • fixed bug "forum rss feed is a security hole", fixed for all rss feeds: #791326 (ohertel)
  • fixed bug "Tiki Forum RSS: Faulty tiki-forums_rss.php": #783900 (ohertel)
  • fixed bug with wiki plugin parameter syntax => being encoded (wolff, terence)
  • added TikiHelp links to many pages (dgd, terence)
  • please update this list

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