1 - Update the Wiki

To enable Shibboleth authentication within the Wiki goto the Admin page and in dropdown box select Shibboleth


When Selected Goto the bottom to the Shibboleth Seettings.


Below is a table of the options and what they do.

Create user if not in Tiki?This option Creats a user when the user has logged in using Shibboleth but is not in the Wiki.
Just use Tiki auth for admin>Used to allow admin to login via shibboleth (Not recomended) or just useing the tiki Auth
Valid AffiliaitionsA comma seperated list of affiliations wich will allow users to loginto this Wiki.
Create with a default groupIf selected a default group will be created (If no group is specified a default of Shibboleth will be used)
Default Groupthe name of the defalt group. If none Shibboleth will be used.

When the above is completed the wiki is ready to use shibboleth as an authentication source. You will now need to ensure that shibboleth is setup correctly.

Below are the files that were modified to enable Shibboleth Authentication;

  • lib/userslib.php
  • templates/modules/mod-login_box.tpl
  • templates/tiki-admin-include-login.tpl
  • tiki-admin_include_login.php
  • tiki-setup_base.php

Below is a table of these files and a description of the changes;

File nameDescription
userslib.phpThis is used to validate a shibboleth user, changes have been made to the validate_user function.
tiki-admin-include-login.tplThis file needs to be changed to display “Login through Shibboleth??? login box when not loged in.
tiki-admin-include-login.tplThis file needs to be changed to display the Shibboleth options in the Login Admin page
tiki-admin_include_login.phpThis file changes will process the new values in the Login Admin page above.
tiki-setup_base.phpThis page will need to be changed to ensure the shibboleth user is validated.

2 - Update Shibboleth

To enable the wiki to be protected by Shibboleth you will need to add a the following to you apache conf.

   AuthType shibboleth
   ShibRequireSession On
   ShibRequireAll On
   require valid-user

The other thing you will need to do is update your Shibboleth Service Providers AAP (Attribute Assertion Policy) AAP.XML.

Below are the Attributes required by the Tikiwiki Auth and the required Header values;




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