1) insert new row in users_permissions:

permName: tiki_p_view_tracker_items
permDesc: Can view tracker items
level: basic
type: trackers

note: tiki_p_view_trackers now applies only to listing display on tiki-list_trackers.php

2) modify tiki-view_tracker.php:

  • eliminate tiki_p_view_trackers die block:

if ($tiki_p_view_trackers != 'y') {
$smarty->assign('msg', tra("You dont have permission to use this feature"));

  • after new item entry, jump to confirmation screen if permissions are create-only

$smarty->assign('itemId', '');

if($tiki_p_view_tracker_items != 'y') {
$smarty->assign('msg',tra("Your entry has been stored."));

  • suppress display of current items if we don't have permission

$smarty->assign_by_ref('ins_fields', $ins_fields%22data%22);

if($tiki_p_view_tracker_items == 'y')

if (!isset($_REQUEST%22sort_mode%22)) {



3) modify templates/tiki-view_tracker.tpl:

  • suppress display of current items GUI if permission is not set

{if $tiki_p_view_tracker_items eq 'y'}

{tr}Tracker Items{/tr}



End of file

4) create templates/noerror.tpl, same as error.tpl except:


{tr}Life is good!{/tr}

5) for each active theme, copy noerror.tpl to templates/styles/[theme]

6) assign group or object permissions to specify listing of trackers and creation, viewing of items.

I will attach final modified source files and Unix diff files.

Created by: Last Modification: Saturday 14 January 2006 17:00:17 GMT-0000 by jcyrisse
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