Tiki 21.7 Released and Recommended

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee - Published

Websites running Tiki 21 should be upgraded to Tiki 21.7 to take advantage of bug and security fixes. Tiki 21.7 is available here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/tikiwiki/files/Tiki_21.x_UY_Scuti/21.7/.

We Are Celebrating 20 Years of Tiki!

Author: habiba - Published


Subversion updates for all Tiki versions ending January 2023

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee - Published

Subversion (SVN) updates for all versions of Tiki will end in January, 2023. The Git and SVN combined workflow will be terminated, and Git will be the sole revision control system used by Tiki. The project's code developers are already using Git exclusively, but anyone using SVN for deployment will need to switch to Git for Tiki code updates, such as by using Tiki Manager.

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