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Accesskey smarty outputĀ filter

The following output filter automatically causes the appropriate character of each link to be emphasised. This is useful as most browsers (as of mid-2005) do not automatically vistually indicate the access key.

Alternative methods of achieving the same effect include using some client-side javascript, or some crude use of CSS3 styles.

]*?>)(.*?)<\/a>/i',"smarty_outputfilter_accesskey_helper",$string); } /** * helper function - preg callback * * $matches[1] - ''.$matches[2].'$2', $matches[3]); return $matches[1].$matches[3].''; } ?>

...Then just add an "a > span.accesskey" rule to your css. Alternatively, the above code could be incorporated into the outputfilter.urlt.php file, if you use this mod.
For details of how to install output filters, please follow the links from SEFURLs.


Created by: Last Modification: Thursday 23 June 2005 17:33:40 GMT-0000 by Michael Davey
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