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Get to know people

  • Make it easy to see who is involved in what, what they did,

Contacting the right people

Starting Local User Groups

  • We detect that you are in this city / country, please confirm "To my location"
  • Country picker doesn't work at https://tiki.org/tiki-register.php
    • It's possible to type an invalid Country name

Starting special interest groups

Making subdomains per country/language/topic

1-liner for group membership

  • Comment line/box for when someone joins is added to a group
    • This is an explanation of the reason person joined, what there roll is, etc.
    • http://tiki.org/Lists+of+members+of+all+Teams would look more like WhoWhat but is still dynamically generated. People could indicate they want to "Lead", "Help", "Follow" etc.
    • Would be great also to list languages for Team i18n
  • This info should also be part of the notification email when someone is watching a group
    • And in this notification email, please also add who added the person to the group

Not categorized

See also: Stickiness Project

Code to test in 10.x

Need to activate: user_in_search_result Done, but next is a need to fix re-indexing.

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