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The goal is to both improve Tiki as an application and Dogfood on the *tiki.org sites


  • Sébastien Lord-Jetté offers the Wednesday, December 15, 2010, from 9:00 to 17:00.



  • Cyril Gallant
  • Sébastien LJ
  • Daniel Cedilotte
  • Philippe Cloutier
  • Marc Laporte
  • Hugo Laporte
  • Philippe Dallaire
  • Etienne Lachance
  • Patricia Campbell
  • Simon Lussier
  • André Proulx
  • Daniel G.

Not present

  • Régis Barondeau
  • Renoir Boulanger http://evo.cat.io SEO expert
  • Patrick Allard
  • Pascal St-Jean
  • Louis-Philippe Huberdeau

Not confirmed

  • members of the SEO team.
  • you?


  • In the CGCOM rooms meetings.


  • Most of the day will happen in French
    • But you can add your questions/concerns/suggestions here in English

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  1. Variety of On-lines SEO tools
  2. Documentation pages linked on SEO themes
  3. Links on Web Analytics softwares
  4. This page in french

Notes from Marc

  • Improve Tiki SEO Performance (without additional effort from Tiki admin)
    • Canonical, Sitemap, etc.
  • How to track the evolution of traffic and SEO performance
    • What is the evolution of my site over time (and others in my sector)
    • Piwik, Google Analytics, etc.
    • Who is linking to other sites in my sector? (so we can contact them to be listed)
    • What is the credibility of my site (PageRank, Alexa, etc.) vs other sites in the same sector
  • Improve SEO Performance for your site
    • Better content
    • For each keyword, in which page does my site appear?
    • Analyze my Tiki content with respect to these keywords (how many occurences of each type of content (title, content, etc.) "Density"
    • What are my keywords?
    • Are these good keywords (ex.:less crowded space)
  • How to buy ads
    • Same as above, but need money

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