• Damian Parker

    I though the idea of the musus theme was tableless layout? or at least it was on the blogs static page example.


    • Adam Shantz

      I'm doing additional research to combine the idea for a new theme with making tw accessible. It's a fine balance. I'll be talking with beerlounge & others to formulate a final game-plan. I'll also let you know what's up, if you like. :-)
  • Stefan

    I think maybe musus goes for tablelessness in frontpage-like pages, but not everywhere possible. I should ask him when he's back before I keep on writing about stuff that I don't know about. :-)
  • Stefan

    You were right, Damian. I removed the part were I was accusing musus of tables. I apologize.
    • Damian Parker

      cool Cant have the theme corrupted by tables
      • Stefan

        That's blasphemy, Damian.

        lightning, thunder

  • Giorgos Kontopoulos

    Have submitted a bug in sf.net here don't know if it belongs in these page.
    (.png files don't display properly in IE, background of image is white instead of transparent when theme has dark background)