• Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties

    In the "Who's Using Tiki" section, list URLs

    Rename "History" to "Timeline" and list dates of major enhancments

    • Pascal St-Jean

      +1 for Who's using Tiki URLs.

      I would also make this section of the Promo Sheet very visible. Showcasing what Tiki can do with real life use cases is always attractive.

  • Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties

    Tiki is a web-based, multilingual, content management system (CMS) built using PHP, ADOdb, and Smarty. Tiki is Free Source Software, released under GNU/LPGL — you can use Tiki however you wish! Tiki's development team is international, boasting more than XXX active developers who continually work to improve the code and add new features.
    Tiki includes hundreds of tightly integreated feaures — no need for additional modules to fill in the missing pieces. With Tiki you can create any type of application: web sites, portals, knowledge bases, and inter/extranets. Tiki's web-based, graphical interface, makes it easy to configure the features you need.

    • alain_desilets

      +1 on that rewrite.

      I wonder if people care enough about the fact that it's "built using PHP, ADOdb, and Smarty", to have that be mentioned in the second line of the sheet. I would leave that to the specs section.

  • campbe13

    +1 on Rick's re-write

    +1 on removing the features blurb (keep paragraphs of text to a minimum, people (speaking for busy ICT pros like my peers) do not read it they will search the website for specific info. You want them to remember TikiWiki when they're looking to solve a problem

    +2cents: ignore this if it is contentious:

    "use case" has specific meaning in software engineering is that the intention? It doesn't quite cover it imho the profiles are essentially feature sets that are active on install. Perhaps "Configuration Profiles" "Initial Configurations" "Starting Point Configurations" "Startup Configurations"
    "Feature Set Profiles" "Startup Feature Sets"

    • MatWho

      -1 on Rick's rewrite. "PHP, ADOdb, and Smart" is too technical for the first thing you read about TW. This should be covered properly in the Tech Spec section. If we ONLY want to appeal to PHP programmers put stuff like that in, which I did not think was the purpose of this document.

      This document should say 1) what is TW and 2) what you can use if for. Then back this up with some examples. After That add a bit of technical background if we have space.

  • Gary Cunningham-Lee

    I added items to the timeline, did some editing, and inserted Rick's rewrite (with a little re-arrangement) and something like what Patricia suggested (feel free to improve). Wasn't sure if the number of actually active code contributers should/can be indicated, so I changed the sentence accordingly.
  • alain_desilets

    The cllaborative flavour of Tiki does not come across very much. We should inject that term in different spots. For example, in the first paragraph:

    With Tiki you can create any type of /collaborative/ application: web sites, portals, knowledge bases, and intranets and extranets.

    • Pascal St-Jean

      +1 on Collaboration

      We have used this term when marketing Tiki during various Trade shows and it definitely gets people's attention.

  • Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties

    Proposed edits for Tech Specs section:
    - Any webserver that supports PHP (what version??)
    - Any database via ADOdb (is this still true, or is TW really MySQL only)?

  • campbe13

    10,000,00 what is the real # the commas are misplaced or a zero is missing

    +2cents: (never liked lines of code it is a false metric in my mind)

    ?? is it worth while to put 2010 v 4.0 projected ??

  • Simon Lussier

    MatWho or anyone else who is able to do,

    Could you outlines font for the Tiki's logo? I'm not having Gentium font on my computer. I'm using a PNG version for this Promo Sheet which is not recomanded for printing needs.


    • MatWho

      Sorry forgot font wont embed. New .ai file attached with fonts outlined.
  • Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties

    In the "Who's Using" section, maybe add a link to the Featured Tiki showcase: http://info.tikiwiki.org/tiki-browse_gallery.php?galleryId=1


  • Gary Cunningham-Lee

    Even the English ones are in French, or have I been staring at the screen too long today wink?
    • Simon Lussier


      You don't like my frenglish version? biggrin

      You can donwload the right version.

  • gezza

    Is it possible to attach the english Adobe file? It would be easier and quicker to make the promo pdf to a language using the existing file wink
    • MatWho

      The english file is attached, there is also a link at the top of the page.
    • gezza

      Hi MatWho

      Many thanks for your reply! There are 2 pdfs attached at the top. Can I edit the pdf in Adobe? I am not (yet) familiar with indesign, I thought it has some specific extension..or is it the attached "ai" file?

      Thanks again,

  • Nelson Ko

    First, should I be editing the wiki page directly?

    Then the comments:

    1) Solutions "out of the box" are the key selling point and should be the first thing people read (top left).

    2) Features contain too many techie terms . All the techie features should go to tech specs.

    3) Database tracking system (I don't know what this is) -> Structured data

    4) Surveys, quizzes and polls (nice features) -> move up

  • Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties

    The current version needs to be updated in the PDF (and InDesign source, too). Would it be possible to move from InDesign to a more "open" format, say OpenOffice instead?

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