• Xavier de Pedro

    Very good work, Matt. Thanks for your time to help to produce this nice "precedent"... :-)

    By the way, I'm wondering who are the guys in the Tikiwiki Boogie Video... Luis Argerich with somebody else???

    • luciash d' being 🧙

      hi xavi,

      imho it is just a coincidence and the video has nothing in common with TikiWiki CMS / Groupware :-p

  • Daniel Gauthier


    Please, can you point me toward the TV news video I saw a while ago where Xavi (I think) managed to get a tv station to make a television report about the tiki fest organised in Barcelone?

    I'm pretty sure it is inventoried on this page:


    yet, the kaltura embeded videos don't seem to work and the hard url's don't tell me much :-(