• rickdier

    While it's good to have every available langague, what about every flag? My country Haiti is still missing & I have to manually install its flag at each revision
  • 4-tea-2

    I have two issues with the current system:

    • There are countries, ie. ISO country codes, that need more than one language.php file. Be it for regional languages or for different forms of address, as in French or German (both languages have a polite/formel form of address (Vous, Sie) and a friendly/informal one (tu, du). Any suggestions on how to provide those?
    • There are several cases of strings which are used in different places in the code, yet they can't be translated with one word for all situationes. Take "post", which is used as a short form of the noun "posting", but also as the verb "to post". There's no way to translate both meanings into one German word. Take "all"/"any" which can resolve into like half a dozen German words depending on context. How can I work around this shortcoming?

  • ????? ???????

    The Tiki language naming scheme does not work well with languages that use more than one script. For instance, Serbian language uses cyrillic as a primary script and latin is also fairly common. Therefore, at least two language.php files need to be provided. The usual conventions in Gnome and KDE, also compliant with ISO recommendations are:

    sr — serbian language, cyrillic script
    sr@Latn — serbian language, latin script

  • Philippe Cloutier

    this one is obviously buggedneutral

  • Lian Liming

    Why does the "Completion" remain zero?
    We, people using simplified Chinese, should work together for the simplified Chinese translation.

    • Philippe Cloutier

      The completion "0" is represented for languages like eu (Basque).
      Chinese is undefined, waiting for a Chinese TikiWiki administrator/translator to evaluate the completion.

  • deji oguntonade

    I am seriously thinking of trnaslating wiki to pidgin english, this lingua is commeon in Nigeria and west africa
  • Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist


    I have corrected the /hebrew/language.php files (strange encoding) for the version 1.8.3 (installed here).

    I wasn't able to use Unired (as suggested here) under Windows XP hebrew enable. I have used Babel Stone (free http://uk.geocities.com/babelstone1357/Software/BabelPad.html) and it was ok.

    After corrections, i'll try to find someone fluent in hebrew (i'm not) to complete the translation work about hebrew...

    At least i have contributed in Tiki and i'm very proud !mrgreen

    PS : I attach here the correct language.php file.

  • Xavi (as xavidp - admin)

    Hi: A bunch of people are translating Tiki into catalan since 2002, but we never finished completely a version lang file before the new version was released. We are afraid of this thing happening again, that even if the 1.8.4 lang file is very advanced (we use it for production in several sites since beggining of 2004) it may not be 100% finished before next stable release. How can I submit the file so that it is finally included some where in sf.net for download? Or better, to include it in next relases, release candiates, dev., or stables...
  • Xavi (as xavidp - admin)

    Hi: Catalan version of language.php file is 100% finished, finally, for 1.8.4. How should I proceed to enable having it installed at tw.o? And also in future releases for tiki1.8.x
    (for 1.9 I know that we have to submit it at modstw.o)

    • Damian Parker

      1.8.5 will probably be modular as well, if it ever gets released.

      Register a project for the language at mods.tw.o and you can upload it to your files space. From there it will appear as a mods available install for use on tw.o and other 1.9 sites. It can be marked for 1.8.x too and so be available for all 1.8 based sites.

      All language files will be moved to mods.

  • Filipok

    I have just installed tikiwiki 1.9 on my website and tried to see how to do a Romanian translation of the interface. I created a ro directory in the lang directory, then copied the language.php file from the en directory, then made some changes. But it didn't seem to work, even after clearing the cache and using the exterminator: nothing happened after choosing the new language (I also edited the langmapping.php file). And unfortunately I couldn't find any documentation for tikiwiki 1.9. sad
    Is there anything else I have missed?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Xavi (as xavidp - admin)

      Hi Filipok, check that you are not facing the typical problem of site vs. user lang. selection. Let's assume you initially had english language selected for your site and as your user prefs. If you are logged as admin, for instance, and change the language of the site to romanian (through Admin > General, ...), you won't see the changes until you log out, because the language of the interface selected by the users admin is still english (if you haven't changed it manually through "MyTiki > Prefs." ...).

      If this is the case, then change your user's (admin) lang to romanian to see the changes.

      Just in case you were facing the same problem I had long ago, when I was starting to translste Tiki...

      By the way, note that there is the feature "use db for translation" + "import language", whcih would allow you and the users with "tiki_p_edit_languages" permission to cooperate translation the interface strings, etc. However, it's still buggy (1.9.0, and changes from end of july'05 from rlpowell didn't work for me, so the feature "use db for translation"-etc. might be still a bit buggy)

      Good luck, and use the users forum to have a wider response to your questions. wink

      • Filipok

        Thanks for your reply.
        I'm ashamed to say, but the problem was simple: I had forgotten to uncomment the translated lines in language.php redface . Now it works lol

        > Good luck, and use the users forum to have a wider response to your questions. wink
        > Cheers,
        > xavi

  • Timedout

    I'm trying to translate TikiWiki into my native language.
    Just I'm wondering if and how I can upload my tranlated files in order to be used by others.
    Any help would be appriciated.

  • Marc Laporte

    Come on IRC to meet everyone! Which language? Do you know how to use CVS?


    M ;-)

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