Collaborative documentation

The work on tikiwiki documentation was a one-man, long effort until version 1.6. We produced a really good user document of 350 fully illustrated pages with screenshots and everything needed. After 1.6, we created tiki.org and decided to "eat our own dogfood", or use our own software to produce tikiwiki documentation,

A large pool of knowledge

We now have more than 1100 wiki pages on http://tiki.org with several pictures and miscellaneous useful content. Since it is wide open to collaboration the documentation is also unsorted, chaotic, and has not always been updated regularly.

A real need for structured documentation

Despite the joy and happiness tiki hackers demonstrate in the chaotic fertility on tiki.org, there is a real need for real classic linear documentation for easy reference. Many tiki contributors asked for a direction where they can help, and the fact is that such collaborative documentation work requires a strong focal point so people can work in effective synchronicity.

A proposed plan

So after months of observation, of waiting and expectation, I got some time to create a foundation that could be used so many hands could work on the same canvas. I prepared a structure from old documentation. I also explored the possibillity of additions from tiki.org. The structure is not static and it will evolve, but it will provide at least a good basis of work, with created pages that just need to be filled.

  • Overview
    There is a list of simple arbitrary standards that suggest the length and content of the documentation. These standards will help create pages that are consistenly easy to read and understand. The standards take full advantage of tikiwiki features and create a standard documentation style. We are using Tikiwiki 1.9 to write the documentation now, this gives us the ability to use the Tikiwiki multi-language content features.
  • Examples
    The best way to learn is by copy-paste. The format seeds are dedicated pages that conform to the writing standard and ensure that all needed content is created. One seed is needed for each type of page, for now we have 2 of them: general topic and feature set.
  • Documentation Status
    This is the monitoring control center of command for the power of mastering the evolution of documentation ! More simply, it's a crude list of the pages from the documentation structure, with a quote on advancement or update status.

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