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Whenever Tiki founds a link to an external site in a Wiki page the link is cached in the Tiki cache, this allows the Wiki users to visit the page even if the site is offline or the page is removed or changed.

When you make a link in a Wiki page, you can choose to request that it not be cached. This is done by adding the phrase |nocache after the link description between the square brackets.

The cache option in the Admin menu lets the administrator administer the Tiki cache:

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You can list the cached pages, find pages using the find button and for each cache entry you can view it, remove it, or refresh it (will retrieve a fresh copy of the page). If the enrty is removed it will no longer display a cache link from the Wiki page where the site is referentiated.

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If the wiki cache is enabled then cached pages will show a (cached) text besides the page description. A special icon is also added to let the user force a refresh of the page if something that should be updated was not because the cached page is being displayed. The icon can be found at the top:

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This icon can be used to refresh a cached wiki page.

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It would be very nice if there was a way of purging the cache via the tiki interface.

To empty the cache manually try

mysql -e 'truncate table tiki_link_cache;' tiki

adjust tiki db name to fit yours
Anecdotally, we've noticed a huge speed gain after clearing the cache on HEAD.


This page is for the latest released stable version or release candidate(not stuff in CVS).

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