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Contact us enables site users to contact the people in charge of a site (usually the site's admin) through the messaging system (which ends up sending email to the recipient). It is a good method to allow your tiki users to report errors, bug, dud links or ask questions. You can also use it as a super-easy way for anonymous to inquire about the site, without having to first register on it (for example, ask for help on how to register!).

To use this feature, you must first enable the Tiki messaging system:

  • TODO: Need to insert instructions for that.

Next, you must enable the Contact Us feature:

  • Admin > Admin Home > General
  • In Contact section:
    • Check Contact Us
    • In Contact user: , enter the name of the user who should be contacted (usually admin)
    • if you would like visitors to be able to contact you without having to register or login, then check Allow anonymous visitors to use the "Contact Us" feature .

Finally, you also need to set the Appliaction Menu so that it is visible to the users who are allowed to contact you (the Contact Us link appears only in the Application Menu):

  • Admin > Modules
  • Click on Module name and pick Application Menu.
  • In the Groups section, Ctrl+Click on each group you want to have access to the application menu
    • In particular, if you want people to be able to contact you without first registring, then make sure you Ctrl+Click on Anonymous
  • Assign

Many people tend to enter their user name as the contact. To avoid the admin account being pestered.

With all this configured, your users may click the "contact us" link and enter a message to the contact user. Which I tend to use as the only contact feature for the site.

NOTE: If the contact user specified has specified an e-mail address in their personal preferences (in my tiki >> preferences) then a mailto link to this address is added at the bottom of the contact us page. Some peoploe remove this from the template to force site users to use the contact form instead.

one thing I do is; configure the preferences of the contact user to e-mail-forward me any messages of priority 1 or higher, meaning I get e-mails whenever I get a contact message.


Note on some versions of Tikiwiki (x1.8.x x1.9.x) anonymous users, who can't edit pages without creating an account (for admins wishing to avoid ( WikiSpam etc.), will not be able to send messages anonymously. In order to be able to send messages anonymousy without being logged in/on, then the following variable must also be set. Goto AdminUsers>>AdminGroups and select permissions>>Anonymous (permissions for the anonymous group). This can be found at page tikiwiki/tiki-assignpermission.php?group=Anonymous . From there set tiki_p_messages to true, or check the box. Anonymous users can now send messages anonomously.


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