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Content templates are Tiki pre-recorded elements used to create consistent pages. You can use templates when:

  • Editing wiki pages
  • Editing articles and submissions
  • Editing HTML pages

Turning on the feature

In Admin, select Wiki. Check "Use templates".

Make sure the user is member of a group that has tiki_p_edit_content_templates and tiki_p_use_content_templates.

Creating content templates

Click on "Content Templates" under Admin in the application menu. You will see this screen :


Enter the text you want to have repeat in pages which will be based on this template; titles, for instance. Use Wiki syntax if making a Wiki page template.

Important: If editing an HTML page template the wiki syntax is OFF and features such as wiki references and others are not parsed. For HTML pages only HTML code and {ed id=name} or {ted id=name} are allowed and parsed when previewing.

Save the template with a descriptive name.

When editing an object of the template type, you will then be able to apply the template. Note that this replaces ALL the text in the text area, so apply the template first, then fill it in.

Try it out

please link to the live Feature on tiki.org


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