Data collection of Tiki installation and Tiki admins


We never or rarely collected anything about the Tiki installations and the admin that were using it or not using it anymore. As we are practically blind about our base it is very hard to plan a strategy to improve Tiki, improve our presence on the Open Source CMS/Software planet, to improve the new comer integration, to avoid people to leave Tiki, etc.



We are and want to preserve every one privacy and this means that we wont wildly collect everything that we can.
We need the user agreement to collect data and eventually we can encourage this by explaining that the new user will have access to the Tiki community support. (something every has in any case but it is good to mention it)

Tiki install

Implement a registration to Tiki mechanism near the end of the installation. (sign in for existing user)
With the registration we record the user data (that’s the usual for a user registration) + the Tiki version that is installed on which server kind.

We can then ask if the new user is ok to answer a quick survey. (see below)

Installation / Admin survey

This survey can be available on the installation but also on the admin control panel page (remarks box, modal).

Survey options

  • Did you use Tiki before ?

  • How satisfied are you:
    • Finding Tiki (need better wording)
    • Finding the link to download Tiki?
    • With your experience of the installation?
    • With the time it took to complete the installation?
    • ...
    • Share your comments about the installation process

  • What is the usage for this Tiki
    • Community management
    • Shop
    • Knowledge database
    • ...

I wonder if it won’t be wiser to use a text field and once we have more data to create a dropdown

  • Who are you (related to funnels )
    • Entreprise (over 30 employees) for one project
    • Small organizations (less than 30 employees) for one project
    • Consulting firm that has many clients per year (many install)
    • Developper (fullstack) with customers to serve
    • Content creator (you need a plateform for your one or many projects)
    • ...

  • ...

Questions about the survey

  • Should it be a one time survey (meaning it shouldn’t be shown again once filled) or should it be possible to change it ?
  • ...

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