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Games may be incorporated into Tiki to add a bit of fun to the site. The games are graphically based and created with Macromedia Flash or Director.

If enabled from the admin screen, the games section can be accessed from the application menu and will display the available games:

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If you have the permission to admin games you will be able to upload new games, edit the game descriptions and remove games. (Make sure that the Webserver has permission to write to the games subdirectories!) Tiki mantains stats of the number of times each game was played and automatically orders games from the most played game to the least one.

Games are stored in the games directory and users are allowed to download the binary game if they want. You can add games to Tiki by uploading new games using the upload screen:

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You have to upload the game binary, a thumbnail and the description. The thumbnail must be named as the game adding the image extension. For example, if the game is foo.swf the thumbnail must be foo.swf.png or foo.swf.gif.

You can also add games to Tiki by uploading directly to the games directory. For each name you will need 3 files: the binary, the description and the thumbnail (if you don't want to upload a description you can edit it later from Tiki).

If the game is foo.swf:

  • Copy foo.swf (binary) to games/flash
  • Copy foo.swf.gif (thumbnail) to games/thumbs
  • Copy foo.swf.gif.txt (description) to games/thumbs

You can also download prepared game packs containing the binaries, thumbnails and descriptions, the tiki-game-pack1 can be downloaded as a Tiki add-on containing some nice flash games that you can add directly to Tiki by copying the contents of its games directory to your Tiki games directory.


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