Database Abstraction

The code in lib/homework/homeworklib.php hst to be modified to conform to DbAbstractionDev.


(I start this buglist since I read at Homework that: HomeworkDev discusses the internals of Homework and has a buglist and RFEs

Homework select box under admin>features unselectable

  • What I did:
    • Updated installation files from tiki1.8.3 to tiki1.9rc2 recently
    • Updated mysql ddbb from 1.8 to 1.9 through tiki-install.php utility
      • I got some error after updating ddbb, related (as far as I remember) to some wrong paths needed to install homework tables into ddbb. As far as I remember, it seemed to search for files under directory tree of tiki (I guess), under a wrong subdirectory which name matched the name of the database (but I don't have any directory with such a name). I kept on going, to try update to 1.9, and everything seemed fine.

  • What's the problem now:
    • I follow the steps at RecipeHomework, but I cannot succeed while I attempt to check "Admin>Features>Homework"; this select box doesn't turn on (tried 3 times, refreshing also, etc.).
    • I cannot see the "Homework item" on the application menu

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