Here is how I provide tarballs of the CVS on tikiwiki.org, so other people can do it as well.


That simple shell script updates a local cvs dir and logs the operation in a file, it takes a valid tag as argument. Be careful there is no check for anything it just does what it says :



if [ ! -f $LOGFILE ]; then
  touch $LOGFILE

date +%s >> $LOGFILE
cd /home/mose/var/lastiki_$1
cvs -q update -dP -r $1 >> $LOGFILE
cd ../
rm -f lastiki_$1.tar.bz2_previous
mv lastiki_$1.tar.bz2 lastiki_$1.tar.bz2_previous
tar -cjf lastiki_$1.tar.bz2 lastiki_$1

contrab -e

As a user, on my server, I included my ssh public key on sourceforge, so I have no password to type and then I can automate that cvs update process.

crontab -e

02 1,9,17 * * * /home/mose/bin/lastcvs.sh HEAD
02 2,10,18 * * * /home/mose/bin/lastcvs.sh release_eta_carinea_rc1
reachable on the web

I have a symbolic link setup to each generated tarbal in the web directory, so there is no need for other manipulation. You can provide a view on your logs or something like that, or indication of the generation time in adding it in the name with the shell script.

just hack it and contribute back if possible !


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