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The client browser needs to have Java installed.
please install J2SE v 1.4.2_01

The minimum Java required is ???

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JgraphPadSandBox <- Sorry this sandbox is currently broken
Damian - Could this also be related to the fact that tw.o is hosted on a multitiki install?


A bug was introduced for JGraphPad in Tiki 1.7.2. If JgraphPad is not working correctly,

  1. Make sure you are LoggedIn
  2. If the page is cached, refresh the page (using the wiki page refresh, not your browser refresh)
  3. Edit the page
  4. try clearing your java cache.
  5. reboot your computer and try again.

To clear your Java cache:

  • In Mozilla, go to Tools > Development > Java Console
  • On Windows double click the small Java icon in the taskbar

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