Job opening Paris webdesigner/content manager position

webdesigner/content manager position

A webdesigner and content manager position is available at the Insitute for Complex Systems of Paris Ile-de-France. The job for a duration of at least 15 MONTH will start as soon as possible and will be located at the CREA, Ecole Polytechnique, 1, rue Descartes, 75005, Paris France. The position will be reconducted with high probability as permanent position thereafter. We might accept some kind of part-time remote working when appropriate.

The job is to maintain and stimulate the main collaborative platform of the Complex Systems Comunity ( http://registry.cssociety.eu ) and some workspaces depending on it. This Portal aims at gathering the european complex systems community and improving the coordination between scholars at the European level. The platform is based on a powerful content managment systems known as Tikiwiki (http://tikiwiki.org) that is specialy extended for the purpose of the workgroups collaboration. It is a cluster of dedicated web-based workspaces sharing some common features, for the use of several workgroups active in complex systems.

The successful applicant will be working in close collaboration with a team of scholars, engineers and developers to maintain this portal at the top level from the point of view of its scientific content, ergonomy and collaborative working features. The job requires that you have a minimum of scientific background in complex systems, although it doesn't need to be very sharp and can be helped by a strong interest in that field. As well, it involves some abilities in social online communication, and a taste for proactive contact with other actors. Most content published on this platform will be licenced under creative commons terms (by-sa) .

The applicant will have to administrate and maintain wiki sites, and an experience in web sites maintenance is required. For example, you will have to

  • find latest news related to Complex Systems to feed the portal,
  • help to prepare some pedagogical online material presenting the complex systems fields,
  • participate to the development of collaborative working environements on the portal,
  • stimulate the collaboration required on Cosypedia (the complex systems free encyclopedia),
  • produce some tutorials about how to use the collaborative platform,
  • assit new users and admins to start with the Portal or with dedicated workgroup spaces.

A decent writing skill in english and in french is required. Programming and database skills, in particular in php and mysql, will be much appreciated. A prior experience in community handling, and/or some graphic design knowledge for pictures processing or creation are also a plus.

The salary will be depending on the profile and experience of the applicant.

A full application package (incl. cover letter, CV, copies of transcripts showing graduate-level courses taken and grades, degree certificates) should be sent to: David Chavalarias, CREA, Ecole Polytechnique, 1, rue Descartes, 75005, Paris France. For further informations, please call +33 1 55 55 84 68 or send e-mail to david.chavalarias<At>polytechnique(Dot)edu

P.S. We are also looking for tiki developers

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