A full working Tikiwiki starting from CD?

Yes, we have compiled a TikiWIki 1.9 Developer Release (CVS from 13. Novmber 2004) on a Knoppix CD and put up some download mirrors. Just download the iso image from one of the mirrors, burn the image with your favourite CD-burning program (choose burm ISO image) and restart your computer with the CD inserted. It starts a Knoppix Linux - that includes many other programs - and within apache, mysql and TikiWIki!

Knoppix should start a browser (konqueror) and if you scroll down there is a link to the Tikiwiki Live demo. You can also just browse to http://localhost

Download mirrors are here:

redflo.de, germany

MD5 sum:
53c49f0a1304456de900a337232e096b knoppix3.6+tiki1.9DR.iso


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