Localized site strategy

The situation

  • We have a number of localized site (ex.: fr.tiki.org)
  • Many are unmaintained
    • br.tiki.org was shut down because of spam
    • some like nl.tiki.org just disappeared when manager did and content was lost.
  • Since they are distinct instances of Tiki, it's more work to keep up to date
  • Some don't use InterTiki and thus, the userbase may be different
  • We didn't have Workspaces before so this put pressure to make new instances. We can now reduce the number of instances all while maintaining a tailored user experience.

Proposal for fr.tiki.org

This proposal is tailored to fr but it could be of interest to others.

  1. Delete all the spam content
  2. Nuke all accounts that have not validated their accounts
    • We really need a feature for this in Tiki or at least a documented .sql command
  3. Create a fr.tiki.org workspace/perspective and make this a nice friendly place (similar to http://suite.tiki.org/Tiki+Suite)
    • Fr organic group
    • Forum in French
    • Navigation (menus) in French
    • Links to resources about Translation
    • Links to documentation in French
    • Alternate site title
    • etc
  4. Move all accounts to tiki.org system and add them to the fr group
    • If two people have same username but different e-mail, make a manual check
    • If a user already exists, just add him/her to the fr group
  5. migrate data while attempting to maintain URLs
    • forum messages if possible (URLs will likely be broken unfortunately)
    • wiki pages
    • blog posts
    • etc.
  6. close old site
  7. Send an email to all these people
    • Inform them of new site
    • They will need to reset password?
    • Invite them to upcoming Tiki events in France

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