I just checked since_last_visit_new yesterday and committed a few fixes. bburgaud did a a very cool work, I wish this can replace since_last_visit (I think it should even really replace it if others think it's OK) and it has the potential to replace many last modules too. Let's kill them all!!!!

Objects monitored by since_last_visit_new
  • Wiki page revisions
  • Articles
  • Comments
  • FAQs
  • Blogs
  • Blog posts
  • Image galleries
  • Images
  • File galleries
  • Files
  • Polls
  • Users

Improvements over the original module
  • Listing of new objects with links to see them
  • Global permission check for each feature
  • New monitored objects
    • articles
    • file galleries
    • image galleries

Regressions since the original module
  • The module is much bigger. This needs to be adressed if slv_new is to replace original slv. Currently each object type is separated by a blank line and a separating bar. Both are too much, and I would probably not even put one. The objects listed are also problematic. I suspect that new galleries will be very rarely useful. Additionally to the permission checks, each object type should be associated with a module parameter to avoid bloat.

Even better than the new one...

Appart from adressing the regressions, a few things could be improved.

  • Of course, check ALL objectsmrgreen
  • Put the object types with 0 new objects at the bottom of the list. Then it should be easy to make the types with no new stuff be in an expandable menu (let's say we could add a "+" sign at bottom). Example (the rendered layout is not exactly what I meanrolleyes:



When I browse through the calendar and then leave, slvn continues to indicate that last login was on the date I was last browsing. This seems confusing, is it the intended behavior? I see that code is meant to do something along these lines. Chealer9

  • There seems to be confusion in wiki comments & forums posts. "new comments" links to forums but for it to work, it needs comments to be activated for the wiki feature.

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