Tiki has a PDF export from wiki feature, but it has many bugs.

Marc Laport, Jason Diceman, Val Luck and, Xavier de Pedro, (add your name here) are offering a total of $300 USD to any single or team of developers that can get this feature fully functional.

Post on this page or contact jason-tiki (at) cooptools.ca to help out.

We are currenlty collecting a list bugs and defining what we mean by "fully functional".


  • export a complete wiki-structure to PDF, including a table of contents
  • export all pages from a category, including a table of contents

It's not really Tiki-ish, but XSL-FO (using Apache FOP) could be used to generate the PDF documents. Downside is that it causes a major dependency to a large, not widely available, application. --lphuberdeau


More to be add under #876666 on SF search "PDF"

Support Requests


sylvie : 3/19/05 - rewritting the pdf generation by using another LGPL library : work in progress
nchankov : 02/14/06 - all issues are solved with new library html2pdf changes are currently available on CVS version
xavi: 02/17/06 - nchanov, and others: I've read at a html2pdf page that their code is licensed with GPL, and not LGPL. Doesn't it arise any incompatible license issues if pdf2html is released within tiki 1.10 instead of as TikiMod (if possible)?
sylvie: 02/17/06: Yes this will have to move to mod because of the GPL license and because it needs a php with DOM XML module


Competition and standards

MoreGroupware has two PDF export modes: (save as PDF or View) using the FPDF library

CVS Doc section


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