Current state : We have a bit too basic polls.


  • permission system should have more than "tiki_p_vote_poll", it should be possible to delegate adding, removing and admin polls to certain groups.
    • I think only a tiki_p_poll_admin is necessary for this Chealer9
  • ability to vote on tracker entries would be nice (vote for the top 3 defects kind of thing)
  • User can change his vote
  • Message notifying a vote was rejected, either because user has no right, either because he already voted (messages should be different) Chealer9
  • There's no link for users to view polls list (it's under admin confused ) Chealer9
  • nicer reports and layout, see example at macromedia




  • Allow polls submissions Chealer9
  • Per poll option to show voters' name (whether displayed by default or not)
  • ability to specify width
  • css could be improved, title could be larger & bold
  • need option whether to repeat question within block (good for docking on side panel, but not if in center panel)
  • allow checkboxes rather than single vote

(i apologize if these features already exist)

  • Different popularity bar (presently very sufficient, but it seems "0 is something" and doesn't use colors to ease reading) Chealer9
  • As a more complex (and future) wish, forms of voting more appropriate for democratic decisions (by example ordering of choices). Chealer9
    • This is wicked idea: we could rate our friends like we do in orkut (giving hearts, stars and ices), but on subjects that a poll could belong to. Then if user does not vote in a poll, we check what's the poll subject and user's vote is automatically delegated to his friends, shared acording to ammount of karma each friend has in such subject.

Competition and standards

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