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Php quiz apps

http://freephile.com/downloads/openQuiz/ (currently not functional (20041008)
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User Documentation

Tiki offers quizzes that can be used for trivia, contests, e-learning systems, courses or just for fun (example: what kind of hobbit are you)

tiki-edit_quiz : Creating Quizzes

This page is where you'll do most of the heavy lifting for the quiz interface.

If you have the right permission you will see a link to "Admin quizzes" in the application menu at the Quizzes section. Clicking on Admin quizzes will take you to the followin screen:

In this screen you can see the list of existing Quizzes that you can edit, and you can create a new quiz or modify an existing Quiz.

To create a new quiz you must enter the Quiz name and a description the next fields are explained below:

Quiz Can be Repeated

If you check this option a user can take the Quiz as many times as he want, if you don't check this option then registered users won't be able to take the Quiz more than once. Note that there's no way to prevent anonymous users to tae Quizzes many times so if you do want to prevent a Quiz from being taken many times you should make the Quiz available only to registered users (you can set individual permissions for Quizzes if you want or you can use the global permission to make all the quizzes available only to registered users.

Bug: Quizzes are repeating!

Time Limit

If you want you can establish a time limit for Quizzes, note that users can cheat and spend more time so don't take the time limit as a very tight restriction. When a time limit is activated the user answers will be automatically submitted after the time limit expires.

Note: If a quiz cannot be taken more than once then time limit restriction is indeed trustable, the user won't be able to spend more time on the Quiz than the time given. You can use this for tests on e -learning systems or courses. Note as well there is timeout in the browser session

Store Quiz Results:

If you check this option then the results of the Quiz will be stored each time a user takes the quiz and you will be able to see the answers of each particular quiz instance. If you don't check this option only general stats about the quiz will be stored (percentage of times for each option in each question, average score for the Quiz, score for each Quiz result etc)


Mail Quiz Results to User

  • option to view immediately
  • option to mail results

show last edited

include quick tags in the edit area for easy tagging of data

Quiz stats are always stored as well as each quiz result but if you want to store what the user answered to each question for each quiz then enable the store quiz results option.


  • name
  • description
    • need to experiment with long description names and support of URLs in description text
  • timeLimit
  • questions (not sortable for some reasonevil )


  • Show most recently completed quiz
  • This is where users first come to the quiz interface. It would be nice if there was list of quizzes waiting only for that user, given their perms, group etc.
  • needs a way to set the number of visible quiz questions...
// Fill array with possible number of questions per page (qpp)
$qpp = array(

for ($i = 5; $i < 50; $i += 5)
	$qpp[] = $i;

$hrs = array();

for ($i = 0; $i < 10; $i++)
	$hrs[] = $i;

$mins = array();

for ($i = 1; $i < 120; $i++)
	$mins[] = $i;

$smarty->assign('qpp', $qpp);

show categories

  • mose says it should be kinda easy... and boy is it needed I'm managing a hundred plus users quizzes now and I"m already lost in trying to keep up with what and where

tiki-edit_quiz_questions: Adding questions to quizzes

importing questions

  • set up scripts for other types of quiz engines... most of which use XML

Easy as copy and paste!



This will create two questions, asterisk indicates correct answer, both questions will display three option, one option being correct

Clicking on the "questions" link for any quiz on the quiz listing will take you to the screen where you can edit the quiz questions.

CSV upload would greatly enhance the usability of the quiz

In this screen you will see the list of questions for each quiz, you can new questions or edit existing questions by simply indicating the question's text. If you want to edit the options for a question then click on the "options" link in the questions listing.


  • allow for feedback field
  • make sure field size is over 256 chars
  • export questions by application like keduca or

Editing question options

This is the screen when you click the "options" link for a question.

Now you see the list of existing options for the question, you can add, edit or remove options as you need. For each option indicate the option text and the number of points the user will get on the question if he selects that option. Only one option can be selected for each question.


Preview the questions and answers before submitting to the db!

sort options to catch if there are any questions missing answers or options

Quick page advance capability to move to specific pages in a long quiz would be good.

Programming answers for Quiz scores

When editing quizzes you will see a link to "answers" that can be used to program answers to show to the user for quiz results if you want.

The screen to edit answers is the following:

insert graphic

To edit an answer indicate the score range for the answer (for example from 0 to 10 points) and the answer text. If the score for the quiz matches the range the user will see the answer after the quiz is submited.

If more than one range is valid then some answer will be pick, this is not recommendable try to make ranges that don't overlap at all since range values are inclusive.

Range values for answers are inclusive if a range is from 2 to 13 the answer WILL be shown if the user scores 2 or 13 points or an intermediate value.

tiki-take_quiz.php : Taking a Quiz

From the main menu users that can take quizzes will see a link to "List quizzes" that can be used to see the list of quizzes that can be taken. The list is very similar to the following:

By clicking on a quiz name the user will be able to take the quiz. A quiz can be displayed as follows:

If the quiz has a time limit indicated there will be a clock at the top of the screen indicating the time remaining and the quiz form will be automatically submited after the time reaches zero. Time is also stored at the server level for the start and end of each quiz so if the user tweaks the javascript clock the server will check the time elapsed and invalidate the quiz result if the time is more than the time allowed to take the quiz.

Completing a quiz is simple just pick one option for each question and submit the quiz.

After the quiz is submited if there's a result matching the score the user will see the quiz result. If not he will just see the score.


Find doesn't work on this page : find returns blank page

All below are sortable
Quiz :name of quiz
taken : number of users who have taken quiz (are retakes considered in numbering?)
Av score :average score on test
Av time: average time taken


clear or store all quiz stats for all quizzes in one blow through

tiki-quiz_stats_quiz.php: Viewing quiz stats

reporting table needs to show all students in one table

... the limit of ten is not appropriate size... number display should be option

indicate correct answer

  • include the alpha list of names as found in the trackers...this will speed finding names when there are literally hundreds of users taking the same quiz
  • TAs might be handling secretary work

Store stats

  • Without a managing element for the quizzes there is no easy way of storing and managing scores. A way to store/ publish the data for public consumption... some way of getting the scores to the users is critical. A way of storing the stats for further analysis is critical!

Pretty Print

  • don't put the quiz stats on the same page as the question stats, it makes it difficult to print

send the results to a wiki page for archiving

The quiz stats screen can be used to check stats for quizzes. For example:

insert graphic

In this screen you can see the average score for each quiz, the number of times the quiz was taken and other stats. Clicking on a quiz will display the stats for that specific quiz.


Viewing specific quiz results

The screen where stats for a specific quiz are displayed is similar to the following:

insert graphic

Note that now you can see a row for each time that the quiz was taken and the score for each quiz instance. You can also see the stats for each quiz question indicating the number of times each option was picked and the percentage.

You can remove quiz results if you want this can be used to let a user take a quiz that cannot be repeated again. (a new chance maybe)

If the "store results" option was checked for the quiz and you have the permission to see user results you will see a "details" link in the row. Following the link you can see the results the user entered for the quiz on that examination.

Viewing user answers for a quiz

The screen that will be displayed is the following:

insert graphic

As you can see you can verify the answers the user selected for the quiz on this quiz instance.

Quiz modules

The following modules are related to quizzes:

Module Description
top-quizzes Most taken "n" quizzes
last-quizzes The last "n" quizzes created in the system.


The following permissions can be used for quizzes.

insert graphic

Note that besides the global permissions you can indicate individual permissions for quizzes that will override the global permissions for that particular quiz.


This page is supposed to be for the latest released stable version or release candidate, not stuff in CVS, but it isn't.

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