1.9.11 will be released in March or April 2008 unless a security issues prompts a quicker release

It will be a "clean up release" destined to make TikiWiki easier to administer to new users.

Regressions (bugs introduced since 1.9.9)

  • Only Wiki and ))MyTiki(( items appear in default menu even after other features are added and user has permission for them. Problem reported in tw.o forum and confirmed in one test. Later the items are appearing so maybe related to cookie or cache?


  • tiki-mods.php -> Put disclaimer about quality of some mods and create documentation about manual install. Some mods have dependancies (only php5 or only tiki 1.10)
  • Menu on initial install
    • Remove less used links in admin menu, and put elsewhere instead (Content templates, Cookies, DSN, External wikis, Links)
    • make sure all remaining ones have some doc (ex.: tiki-admin_quicktags.php) You can create your own quicktag
  • Easy stuff from AdminUIRevamp and EditUIRevamp
  • Copyright dates
  • New assistant module from Ricks99
  • Remove top "This is Tiki" Add link only visible to admin user to edit the top bar. Clean up default theme to make it relatively easy to use with SiteID
    • Will SiteID be enabled by default, with the basic profile? I (ricks99) vote +1 ML: sure, why not?
  • Put version number in variable everywhere
  • Backporting good stuff from 1.10
  • Activate phplayersmenu by default (or wait to do this in 1.10?, because 1.10 can support many PLMs)

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