After a discussion on IRC, I (ricks99), have decided to give my personal Tiki RFEs a bit more visibility, in hopes that a coder can turn my ideas into reality. Here are my ideas, in detail.

Add Tags to Meta Keywords

Original RFE
Tiki's tagging system (introduced in 1.10) is great! I love it and use it extensively — I can see becoming the primary method of categorization on my sites. Since these tags represent keywords that users have used to describe the page, it would be great if Tiki added the tags to the pages <meta> keywords.

Add Next/Previous Links to Blogs

Original RFE
Tiki's blogs are great. (You can read my Tiki blog, here. But one thing that it is missing is an easy way for readers "page" through the posts.

The tiki_view_blog_ page lists several posts per page. But what I really want is 1__ post at a time... in addition to the ability to see multiple posts per page.

Look at how a Wordpress blog does it:

Wordpress blog sample
Listing the previous and next posts in the blog.

I'd love to have something similar on my tiki_view_blog_post pages. It doesn't seem too hard... I can get a list of all posts in a specific blog, I just can't figure out how to iterate through the array to determine which post is "next" and which is "previous".... can you?

Record Blog Reads

Tiki currently records the number of reads/hits for each wiki pages as well as each blog. But what I'd really like is to know the hits for each specific blog post. This idea looks like it would require a change to the database structure.

Currently, the only way to record hits for a particular blog entry is by using third-party plugins (such as Goolge Analytics).

How do you determine which blog posts are the most popular?

Redirect on Page Delete

Original RFE
It would be nice when deleting (or renaming) a wiki page, if Tiki asked for a redirect (via the REDIRECT page). This would help visitors who have bookmarked the original page and prevent link rot.

Use case:

  1. A user (with permission) selects to DELETE (or RENAME) a wiki page.
  2. When Tiki prompts for confirmation, there could be a checkbox & text field asking for a redirect page.
    You should be able to enter either a wiki page or a fully qualified URL.
  3. If you select the checkbox (and enter a new page), Tiki does not delete the page. Instead Tiki edits the page to replace all existing content with a REDIRECT plugin.

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