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Comb through a Tiki site to find just the information you want. Search picks through forums, image/file galleries, link directories, CMS articles, blogs and Wiki pages to find the terms you specify. And Tiki compiles search statistics for admins so that they may keep an eye on what users want from their sites. There are two forms of searching: regular and full text. Full-text searching sorts results by the relevance of the match to the search query. Also, search results will be ordered first by relevance, and then by section (Wiki, blog, etc.). Regular, non-full-text searching continues to sort first by section, and then by hits.

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Is anyone else having trouble with 12jan4 cvs search?
Warning: mysql error: Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list in query:
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tiki_pages WHERE 1 AND MATCH(pageName,description,data) AGAINST ('test')
in /var/www/html/tikiprod/lib/tikidblib.php on line 125

$result is false
$result is empty

The answer is to enable Full Text searching on Admin->Features.

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