Note: This does not just apply to multi-tiki's for example tikiwiki.org is on mose server, doc, uk, and mods are on Damians server. This method can be used to transfer data between any tikiwiki installation. - Damian

Setting up a MultiTiki to support Single Sign On

To set up a MultiTiki to have single sign on (the ability to go from one tiki to another without login/passwd required) requires the two tikis to be on a single server. They should use different databases. It also assumes that the client has cookies enabled.

Setting up the databases for tikiwiki authentication (not LDAP)

The users_users table in the databases needs to be replicated between the systems. This step is database dependant. If the user list is static, you can dump from one and restore on the other(s). If the user list is dynamic, then you must implement a replication strategy.

Setting up each Tikiwiki

The first step is to enable the Remember Me option. To do this, go to the Admin->Login and set:

Remenber Me Feature: Users and Admins
Duration: <whatever you want>

The second step is to define the Remember Me domain to be the same for all of the tikiwikis that will interoperate. To do this, on the Admin->Login

Set the Remember Me Name to be the same in both tikis. Make up a name and use it.

Set the Remember Me domain to be the domain name with the leading period. It has to be the same in both tikis.

Set Remember Me path to be /

For example, to allow a.mysite.com and b.mysite.com to have a single sign in use:

Remember Me Name: test
Remember Me Domain: .mysite.com
Remember Me Path: /

Lastly, every time you log in you must enable the Remember Me checkbox in the login window. This allows the single sign on to function. If you do not enable it, the session will not support single sign on.

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