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The spellchecker can be used as a basic way to verify if the content of a Tiki object is spelled correctly, the spellchecker requires a dictionary for the language you will be used to be installed. Spell checking dictionaries are distributed as Tiki add-ons and are not part of the regular Tiki distribution.

Installing the spellchecking dictionaries

To install the spellchecking dictionaries you need to download the spellchecking dictionaries for the languages you want, each file is a zippped SQL file containing the dump of a table used for spellchecking, the table is a collection of words for the language. Install the spellchecking by adding the table to the MySQL database where Tiki is installed.

mysql tiki < words_en.sql u tiki_user -p

Once installed the spellchecking will be able to check words for the language installed, if no dictionary files are installed for the language being used the spellchecking will just pass any word as correct.

Using the spellchecking feature

In order to enable the spellchecker you have to enable/disable spell checking for the different Wiki objects from the admin screen, you can enable the spell checker for all or just some of the objects in Tiki.

The spellchecker can be used in:

  • Wiki Pages
  • Articles Reviews & Submissions
  • Weblogs

The spell checker in Tiki is not brilliant but it adds some help to editing, it s completely harmless and does not require pspell, aspell or similar extensions.


Editing a Wiki Page

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As you can see you will have a checkbox to spell check the text, if you mark this checkbox and click preview the previewed version of the page will be checked for spelling errors:

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Mis-spelled words are marked in red, if you put the mouse cursor over a word you will se a suggestion that the spell checker offers to replace the word. If you click on the word then the spell checker will replace the firts occurrence of the word in the textarea with the suggestion.

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From the popup tooltip you can click on a suggestion to replace the missspelled word by the suggested word in the textarea.

Try it out

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