Spring 2011 Tiki Tour

There is a 2-week Tiki festival coming up in Montréal & Boston from March 4th to 18th, 2011 (2 weeks).


There will be a minivan from Montréal to Boston: right Pascal? ;-) so people in the Montréal-Ottawa area can hop on.

Otherwise, if purchased 21+days in advance, the 7 hour bus ride from Montréal to Boston is only 60$ (one-way) or $110.00 (return)

So if you are coming from abroad (say Jonny hint hint!): You can fly in to Montreal on March 3rd and fly out of Boston on March 19th.


We are arranging for accommodations (likely house rental).

Other notes

Make sure to get a Visa for both USA & Canada if you need

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