Targeting Integration of Kaltura by Tiki6 release


During the 2009 Google Summer of Code, considerable amount of efforts has been deployed to integrate the Video Content management System Kaltura to the Tiki environment. More info on TW, go to: the video clip aka 'Phase 1' page while information on the Kaltura side can be found at Nagendra Koilada We will call this Google Summer of Code event: 'Phase I'.


The purpose of this document is to assemble all the information about integration of video content and delivery through Tiki in one location. It describes the Phases and steps to be accomplished in order to see video clips integrated seemlessly within the Tiki environment.

Short Term Objectives

a) Getting Kaltura access

- A shared account on the Kaltura platform where all interested community members can access.
This is done through a kaltura email account

b) Reuniting interested members under one hat

This is done through TV.Tiki.org

c) Launch one video clip per month

Explanation of the guidelines are available for information through the typical video clip guideline

Medium Term Objectives

a) Launch other video clips

There are several other subjects that have been captured on film for this video clip endeavour (see: the so called 'Phase 1 video clip page'). The objective is to launch them as they are being approved by the community.

b) Dissimate these video clips to other platforms with added key words to create a buzz and attract new developers

c) Add features to the said clips. Kaltura allows integration. These clips will serve as a testing board to twinkle, learn and improve if needed, bits and pieces of video clips... collaboratively__

d) Encourage collaboration with other communities so that it brings more eyeballs to TW.
See the targeted audience on the video clip page

e) Have the Tiki Kaltura extension operational - Post the link in the Media Wiki Repository page

Long Term Objectives

Full integration of Kaltura within Tiki.

Wish list

  1. Have a nice sample page where users, developers and visitors in general can see samples of Webcasts.
  2. Have a repository where all the video content created for the community can be found
  3. Update and refresh old pages
  4. Have an exploder generic email address created or an equivalent process put into place so that it eases communication between all those who are involved, namely the tiki.tv team (See the Groupmail link procedure page
  5. Create a Splash Screen with original music (Jingle) and images (animation and real filming) that can be used as an intro to all video clips being made available for viewing
  6. Communicate and promote Tiki within the Communication Committee context using the said created video clips
  7. Have FUN and learn

Phase I

Let's consider that Phase one was the video clip production project) and at the same time remember that this project was inspired by the Google Summer of Code 2009 work accomplished prior.

Phase II

This document adresses the integration of Kaltura within Tiki6 (i.e. Tiki.tv) in order to help future users who wish to add/insert video streams sucha as BigBlueButton or video clips using the

Kaltura platform.

The integration of Kaltura within Tiki6 is taking place in three steps.

  • Step one: Backend configuration
  • Step two: Backend integration
  • Step three: User integration

All these steps are directly related with making use of Kaltura. It is realist to beleive that this project could be integrated in Tiki6, not Tiki5.

Since the author of this page is not sufficiently familiar with the backend administration required to do this type of integration, help is being asked to experienced TW community members to fill in the gaps. While this process will take place, i.e. the backend integration of Kaltura within TW, so that the tiki.tv domain name can be visible, usable and available to explore and use directly on the home page of TW.

Step one: Backend configuration

What is to be done in order to have a complete integration of Kaltura within Tiki:

  • TW needs to have media-wiki extensions to allow users to upload video files and configure player properties like size, alignment, etc.
  • Need to test the Remix Video feature within tiki-wiki.*
  • Need to test the User Access Control module
  • Need to test the admin panel so that a user can configure and set up kaltura within tiki-wiki similar to one provided in Drupal module.
  • Need to see these features implemented within Kaltura’s SDK referring the existing modules.* Need to see the "Gallery Views" modules including the gallery of all uploaded videos with different filters like Category, Most Recently Viewed, Most Popular, Highly rated etc.

Step two: Backend integration

  • Idea 1
  • Idea 2
  • Idea 3
  • Idea 4

Step three: User integration

Here is the work being done so that 'Phase one' of the video clip project http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Video can advance parallel to Step 1 and 2.

Therefore, this document serves as a spring board toward launching multiple web video content on Tiki seamlessly. It is indeed a continuation of the original project named video clips or aka Phase 1.

Phase III

Promote tiki.tv

To Do list (do and cross out)

What is to be done in order to have a complete integration of Kaltura within Tiki:

As per Kaltura's Integration project

  1. Film interviews
  2. Edit interviews
  3. Establish relationships with Kaltura.org
    • This is done at the TikiFest in NY with the help of Zohar Babin, Head of Developer Relations and Community at Kaltura and their Hackaton
  4. Conceptualize the synopsis into ONE thought (See Brain Storm Image Gallery entitled: The WHOLE CONCEPT)
  5. Get help and confirm people's roles (inside the community and outside when and if needed)
  6. Create a structure that explains how are the video capsules created, presented and launched
  7. The video clips per say. Make use of the Kaltura Dynamic Media Player for:
  8. Video broacasting. Wihtin the video broadcasting of each clip, a 12 to 20 second intro is seen. Here are some suggestions:
    • Have the intro show the TW logo using the different look and feel of the Branding policy.
    • Have a music Jingle
    • Other suggestions here

The first interview that has been choosen to be broadcasted is the CSR interview with Philippe (aka Chealer) filmed at the ConFoo Tiki Fest in March 2010. The five minute blurb

explains to the audience: What or how can a new Tiki member who wishes to receive help go about. For example, the interview talks about the chat room, the SF digest, etc.

This interview has been choosen first and foremost to fulfill two requirements.

i) To enrich the Unified Welcome Letter which is being sent by email to new subscribers and new TW installers. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this video clip will serve as an "appetizer" for the use, launch, integration of Kaltura within theTiki community.

ii) Get acquainted with the Kaltura architecture... fast. The interview quality is, on a scale of one to ten, a 5, video quality wise that is.

Therefore, by publish this very simple and short video clip, it will get the ball rolling.

After that, because the clip will be posted in the Tiki shared account, the collaborating members will all be able to enrich the said clip by, per example, add subtitles, etc.

  1. *Create a Jingle (Music and Video) story board
  2. *Document the Intro (Look and Feel always the same)
  3. *Development: The interviews as per synopsis
  4. *Sub-Titles (How to)
  5. *Conclusion and credits (if needed)
  6. Create different banners like these banners and Text Links like these for users to "promote" the video integration capability that Tiki offers in order to be in line with the Communication Team Strategy
  7. Build documentation, a How To and FAQ so that other users understand the inherent structure of this integration project, ease the learning curve barrier entry and stimulate adoption at large for anyone new joining the tiki.tv team
  8. As Video Clips are being launched, dissimate them to different plateforms and various locations within the TW environment
  9. Add key words to each video clips to enhance search engine social marketing objects power to attract new potential adopters of Tiki as per the original intention (see target audience into the synopsis)
  10. Links

Who is helping:

  1. Daniel
  2. luciash d' being
  3. Marc Laporte
  4. Paul Semez
  5. You?

Screen shots:

-Image Gallery

  1. The WHOLE concept in ONE thought (page 5)
  2. Brain Storm Pictures: Tiki.TV Jingle and Splash Concept
  3. Story Board
  4. *Splash Screen
  5. *3.1.1 zero second
  6. *3.1.2 First second
  7. *3.1.3 Second second
  8. *3.1.4 ....
  9. *3.1.5 ....
  10. *3.1.6 ....
  11. *3.1.7 ....
  12. *3.1.8 ....
  13. *3.1.9 ....
  14. *3.1.10 ....
  15. *3.1.11 ....
  16. *3.1.12 ....
  17. *3.1.13 ....


  1. *3.1.20 Last second
  2. Template construction Brain Storm 1
  3. *Template construction Brain Storm 2


About Social Marketing Objects Optimazation:
Social Object Theory for Social Network article
Social Web Services and Social Maps
[Brian Solis http://www.briansolis.com/| Brian Solis's Web Site and his page on Wikipedia
In regards to the video player Tiki needs to integrate the page on Kaltura Dynamic Media Player


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