Tiki Suite schema

Layer 1 BigBlueButton Web conferencing & e-learning (LGPL) Voice-Video-Chat-Screensharing Whiteboard CyberDuck (GPL) WebDAV/FTP client Thunderbird (MPL/GPL/LGPL) Jitsi SIP/Jabber (LGPL) IRC needs some work. Perhaps could act as a system tray? Firefox* (MPL/GPL/LGPL) Any modern browser really Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (LGPL) Features: Workspaces, News articles, Forums, Server LDAP User & Groups Apache, PHP, MySQL, APC Mail Server & Webmain (mail alias, anti-spam, etc) VPN & FIrewall & filters Jabber & Telephony (SIP) server Backup and Tiki Remote Instance Manager (TRIM) LibreOffice* (LGPL) Clipperz Password Management (AGPL) En/decryption on the client Kaltura Video platform (AGPL) Flash for edit HTML5 playback Mobile playback Piwik Web Analytics (GPL) Mobile device (ex: Android) Browser IMAP client Jabber client SIP Client Yellow: mobile client Blue: Server Green: Desktop software (Window or Mac) *PortableApps.com version available Flash jQuery Mobile Login SSO WebDAV IMAP+LDAP SIP & Jabber SIP+Jabber+IMAP+LDAP LDAP Auth & users & groups SSO WebDAV Files & Wiki Flash Bug & Issue Trackers and Forms & reports, Calendar, File Gallery (Document management), Spreadsheet, Accounting, Commerce, Survey, Maps, CRM/Help Desk, Search, Workflow (Transitions), Blogs, Web Services, Slideshow, Social networking, Newsletters,
Preliminary schema

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