Tiki vs SharePoint


  • Both are a collaborative application with lots of features.
  • Both are very present in the enterprise


  • Sharepoint is a commercial product, while Tiki is a community-managed open source project. License: LGPL.
  • Tiki is a LAMP application whereas SharePoint is is designed to run on a Windows Server.
  • Tiki comes from the web app/wiki world (where everything is browser-based) where as SharePoint comes from the Document Management System (DMS) world where things are based on files/desktop-apps.
  • Tiki has features that go beyond the scope of SharePoint (ex.: because they are covered by Microsoft Outlook)

Similar features, different names

Tiki Trackers <-> SharePoint Lists
Tiki File Gallery and Tiki WebDAV are similar to SharePoint file management (does this feature have a name?)


Even references that don't directly discuss Tiki may have comparisons are relevant to Tiki.

Help me! ... During the last year i've set up our intranet website using tikiwiki. Now one of the managers says it might be a good idea to switch to sharepoint... what should I do? A : kick him in the nuts B: punch him in the face C: first kick, then punch ...

- Beestje on #tikiwiki, freenode, 2009-03-13


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