TikiFest Virtual 2021 Vuejs JB Notes

Some notes for a talk on Vue.js and the future of Tiki for TikiFest Virtual 2021
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Tiki and Vue.js

Tiki GUI History According To Me

  • I am
  • When I arrived in Tiki (version 1.8) we had MooTools
  • I added jQuery and jQuery-UI in 2.0 (optionally at first)
  • Bootstrap arrived and things changed
  • Time to consolidate!

Vue.js in Tiki

The Story So Far

  • Many jQuery-UI components have been replaced with Bootstrap ones, but several stubborn ones still to do)

Tiki GUI

The Story So Far

  • Modules or Plugins?
    • Confusion from terminology
      Neither are modules or plugins
    • Confusion from functionality
      The choice of use seems arbitrary
  • So Let’s Unify Them!
    • And call them...
      • Gadgets?
      • Widgets?
      • Components? (too vague)
      • Elements (even worse)
      • Modules? (no, we've had that one)
      • etc, so how about...
    • Fluffies? (working title: thanks luciash d' being 🧙)

Vue.js, meet Project Fluffy

  • Let’s call them Widgets

  • Use the “Tracker Revamp method” to keep the old code working while it is being replaced
    • Keep wikiplugin syntax, use Widget when available
    • Create a new “adaptor” for modules (a map from module to Widget)
    • Do we aim to convert all the existing plugins and modules?
      I think not, most of them can be replaced by Plugin List (with custom GUIs?)
    • Some initial code ‘’sketches’’ are here jonnybradley/project-fluffy

The Next Steps?

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