TikiFestUberlândia2011 (English)

This page is updated regularly. It contains all the activities to be developed by the Tiki team engaged to help the realization of TikiFest Uberlândia 20011

Work team already confirmed

Tiki memberHow can I colaborate?Active from?
Pedro Barbosa Coordenation 14.04.2011
Matheus Assistance to Coordenation 14.04.2011
FredericoAssistance to Coordenation 20.04.2011

Team Methodology.

  • We use the Do-Ocracy principles. (Do-Ocracy)
  • All the information related to this event are gathered in this page and they are updated regularly.

Do you want to volunteer?

  • New volunteers please be in touch with the coordination by skype: macnific or MSN: macnific at windowslive.com (MSN only. Please do not use this address as an e-mail)
  • In order to speed up communication, all the contacts are for now made by internet.
  • There will be informal meetings with volunteers. They will be published in here.

Board of Needs

Sorted by priorities

Wiki pages organization and editionPedro Barbosain progress
Translation (English-Portuguese-English) Pedro Barbosain progress
Pass the information to developers
Find out institutions that can help us
Promoting informal meetings among volunteers
for a human contact
Finding places for the event
Technical feasibility study
Organizing the Tikihouse or housting
Contact with the press
Transport and team to welcome visitors
at the Airport or Bus terminal
Planning a tour and entertainment for visitor

Institutions that can help us (to be fulfilled)

InstitutionPerson of contact at the InstitutionContact in our teamStatus
Please place the institution in here

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