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G-Forge is an open-source system to handle needs of IT infrastructure for department working on many small-to-medium software projects). It is an OpenSource derivative of the SourceForge code, and an excellent tool for departments and small software companies to manage projects. It has CVS, ViewCVS, bug tracking, maillist, forums, project management, jabber IM server etc.

The only thing they are missing is a wiki for docs, and they started looking for one. Most obvious candidate for them will be Tikiwiki, because GForge is in PHP.



How GForge is different from Sourceforge.net? GForge is your own server like SF. Uses SF code and behaves like SF (and some better features), but is is your own server for your own group/department

Do you want to move TikiWiki.org from sourceforge? This initiative is about something different. If is about creating TikiWikiDistribution closely integrated with GForge (and to be default wiki for many hundreds of software projects.

Are there are other projects like GForge? SourceForge or GNU/Savannah. There is also OpenForge, pre-alpha (fully perl) but they already have wiki, and guess what - it is a KwikiWiki.

Will it be easy? Yes: GForge is based on PHP. The only problem would be the database support: GForge uses Postgre. But there's a project to have a MySql porting.

Arguments for integration

Imagine how Tikiwiki will be installed on dozens of servers with GForge, and hundreds of projects will use it as a wiki to write specs and help pages and track XP steps. Tikiwiki will become instantly first and only wiki they need and ever used!


  • Where are we? Proposal
  • Where do we want to be? New Feature
  • Who is working on what? (Priorities/goals/majors issues/roles): None


Who is working here generally? None


Competition and standards


CVS Doc section

This is where new features being developed and only in CVS are documented. When the CVS becomes RC/official release, the info in the CVS docs is transferred to update the official docs (FeatureXDoc).


Where ideas can be exchanged, debated, etc. Interested people can subscribe to the wiki page and/or to these forums as they would a mailing list. text

0. Wiki integration discussion on G-Forge Dev Forum

1. See Soap Client for a way to access the GForgeSoapApi.

2. How to integrate TikiWki login with GForge one?

3. If we'll integrate GForge, Trackers module became unuseful?

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