General Description

This addition helps admins of newly opened sites send a message to Miranda-ICQ, containing simple information of logged in users. It is also possible to configure the plugin for Miranda-IM to run any program/shell command on the computer (with the Mirada-IM installed), depending on the actions on server.

Key Function and sub-features

  • sends message of anything occuring on the installed Tikiwiki site, currently used for alerting of logged in users
  • does not use any instant messenger protocolls, so you should be able to use it without using ANY protocolls on your installation also. UDP packets are used to send the messages
  • also able to run programs on (computer with Miranda-IM) depending on actions on server

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Typical Uses

For admins of Tikiwiki sites, who are curious on the going-ons of their site

Case Studies


haven't saw any untill now

Support Requests

I am not much familiar with php+smart at this time, so this only shows how it can be implemented... I hope someone better can intergrate this as a module or plugin, it should not be that hard. A better idea would it to implement it so it shows the usercounts and details also. Much better would be an addition, which could send messages, when new articles/pages added to the system so the content-moderators could easily get noticed.

A great must is internationalization; which should use language.php files...


  1. Install Miranda-IM, with any plugins from the site you would like to have
  2. Install the above plugins
  3. go to Miranda-IM/Options and change the port number to 7531 at ))PopUps / Notify Anything(( settings. You can use any port available to you (check your firewall settings also for open port or create a new rule on firewall)
  4. uncheck Only listen to localhost
  5. put mim-sendlog.inc.php into your root directory of Tikiwiki installation (on your server, of course)
  6. open tiki-login.php and add these lines:
  • just right after the line with require_once('tiki-setup.php'); add
  • around line 86 (after the above 1-line addition), add
$my_ip = ''; //here comes your static/dynamic ip $my_port = 7531; //any port you define just above... $sendlog = new mim_sendlog($my_ip, $my_port); $sendlog -> send_notice("a regged user logged on your site");

more additions

check NotifyAnything's documents for how to run ANY program/shell command directly trough messages.

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